First issue of Insight Journal launched at NHS Confed 18

Channel 3 has launched its new customer journal, Insight, with copies first shared with delegates at NHS Confed in Manchester earlier this month.

Insight combines opinion pieces from members of our team, with news about current projects and informative case studies. The aim is to raise awareness of some of the challenges being faced by our clients and the wider health and public sectors, and share knowledge about how best to tackle those issues.

In the first issue, we look at the role of population health in delivering proactive health care, progress on use of shared records in mental health, and the digital challenges ahead with the roll out of electronic referrals (ERS). We also discuss the importance of enabling SMEs to work with the public sector, and share progress on some recent Channel 3 projects.

To receive a hard copy of Insight or to sign up for future issues, please contact Alistair King on Alternatively, you can download an electronic copy by clicking the link below.