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Case Study

Managed service solution for Northampton General Hospital (NGH)

Client Profile: Northampton General Hospital

  • Provides general and hyper acute services
  • Cancer centre supports 880,000 patients
  • Growing range of specialist services

The Challenge

NGH was planning the implementation of a new Patient Administrative System (PAS) supplied by EMIS Health, which would also result in changes to existing business processes.

One of the tasks within the scheme is the training of all users of the system, including clinical and administrative staff. The training needed to cover use of the new system, as well as changes to processes that were being implemented as part of the project.

Whilst NGH does have a training function within their IT department, it did not have the capacity to scale up to the levels required for this large implementation to provide the flexibility and speed of response that might be required.

NGH needed to swiftly establish a functional training team in time for a pre-managed “Train the Trainer” session supplied by the software vendor. The Trust decided to commission a training service, under a managed services contract and appointed Channel 3 to mobilise an experienced functional team within the desired timescale.

Our Approach

We quickly developed a detailed understanding of the Trust’s requirements and agreed on a set of desired objectives and outcomes that Channel 3 would share ownership of.  Following careful planning in Partnership with the Trust, we proposed an initial team of experienced PAS trainers.  The Train and Trainer was completed with no issues.  The new team set about producing training collateral such as quick review guides and lesson plans, while we began scaling up the team as the training requirement grew.

The contract was managed and procured under the NHS-approved Crown Commercial Service Framework, which Channel 3 has extensive experience in using. The Trust pays a fixed amount, scalable dependent on need, meaning they can accurately predict spend.  The contract fits within the delegated financial limits of the IT Director, avoiding the risk of delay caused by additional procurement approval.


Taking a managed service approach to the training proposition meant Channel 3 shared responsibility for delivering the required outcomes, and actively managed the training activities on the Trust’s behalf.

NGH has benefited from the flexibility to scale the service up and down as needed, in order to train 4,000 staff on the new system.  They were extremely satisfied with the quality of the deployed resources and the high level of their training and educational material.  The managed Service approach provided NGH with a cost effective, flexible solution to their training needs.





Key Benefits

  • Channel 3 shared responsibility for delivering the required outcomes
  • Training was managed by Channel 3 on behalf of the Trust
  • Cost effective, flexible solution which was scalable according to project demands