When and how to use our Managed Service

Typically, ICT projects need a mix of skills - designers at the start, builders in the middle and testers and trainers at the end. Often these skills are not available inhouse – or at least not with the capacity to take on a new project. That’s where our managed service comes in.

NHS organisations will sometimes approach Channel 3 to help them source and recruit a number of individuals with certain skillsets to complete a specific project.

In many cases it is more appropriate for these organisations to consider a managed service instead. This involves us providing a team and taking responsibility for managing those individuals and their work programme to ensure agreed outputs and outcomes are met.

NHS clients benefit in several ways:

Flexibility: Organisations pay a fixed or pre-agreed amount each month, stipulating what skills or the level of resource they will need that month, and we scale accordingly.

Shared responsibility: Rather than slotting people into roles and moving on, in many cases Channel 3 will guarantee to deliver certain tasks or portions of a project.

Efficiency: Provides cost effective access to Channel 3’s full range of advisory, programme management and resourcing services.

Control: Commitment is restricted to the timescale of the project and the client does not have to employ staff directly.

This helps organisations manage risk in a much more controlled manner and is particularly suitable for projects where specialist skills are needed, but at varying levels and for a limited period of time.

Managed Service benefits at-a-glance:
• Financial planning is more predictable.

• Outcomes can be guaranteed

• Right resources are available at the right time

• Resources are only there when they’re needed

Download our overview and case studies using the link below. For more information, please contact alistair.king@channel3group.co.uk