Channel 3 Consulting is a market-leading health and public sector consultancy, delivering high impact programmes which improve service delivery.

We help organisations make strategic business and investment choices which drive quality, efficiency and improved outcomes through effective digitisation.

Whether you're looking to shed outdated systems, implement integrated regional systems, or embark on an ambitious digitisation programme, our advisory, programme delivery and resourcing services work in partnership with your organisation at every stage

Our focus is on maximising the holistic benefits of digitisation, and providing solutions to the organisational challenges that are frequently associated with technical innovation and change.

What We Do

With specialist skills and experience in corporate and ICT systems, and digital transformation, we:

  • Transform processes and systems to directly improve outcomes for patients and customers

  • Deliver successful turnaround programmes for organisations in crisis

  • Provide a suite of advisory, programme delivery and talent management services to help clients realise the potential of digitisation

  • Provide fully managed teams with the required skills to implement complex projects.

    As a trusted partner to the public sector, we are supporting strategic health, local authority and third sector informatics programmes in excess of £500m in value. Our services are accessible via a number of public sector and NHS procurement frameworks.

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How We Can Help

We understand your challenges and the environment you work in and we welcome the opportunity to be your partner in delivering efficient, innovative and sustainable services.


To find out more about engaging Channel 3 Consulting on your projects, please take a look at our frameworks or contact us for more details.

Please contact us:
T: +44 (0)20 3866 4838